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Aren't we all influenced in some way by everything we read? If you remember reading (as in the book, not the movie,)  "Looking for Mr. Goodbar," you know what I mean. (It was the 70's equivalent of "Fatal Attraction.") Tell me that didn't affect your life (either reference.)

Why should anyone care what I'm reading? I don't have a clue, at the moment, and I'm totally omitting the piles of trash I read on a daily basis. These are just a few books i'm currently reading or have recently read that I feel like mentioning. Any relation to an advertising affiliate is total coincidence, and I've posted links for convenience. I'm also listing Kindle versions where possible, because it's my current format of choice.

Currently Reading:

Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook by Anthony Bourdain (Kindle Edition - June 8, 2010) - Kindle eBook
You either love him or hate him, not much room for in-between here. After watching a few past episodes of  'No Reservations,'  (I just love Netflix on my iPad.) I was in need of some actual Bourdain reading. By the way, if you haven't seen the 'No Reservations' Collection, you might want to skip the Canadian Seal episode. It's the only food-related show I know that usually results in a loss of appetite for a day or two. My favorite is the very noir-looking piece on Absinthe in Paris. I started a painting with that in mind, but as things evolve, add a little Lady Gaga music and the painting has lost all resemblance. (I know how it started though.) If you are at all squeamish about foul-language, walk away from this book. There are some four-(or more)-letter words I've never heard before. Learning is fun.

Anything on Wordpress. I am in the process of moving this blog to Wordpress (.org not .com) because I've come to realize the limitations of Blogger. One limitation, for example, is the inability to place affiliate ads in a post the way I want to. I would like to be able to put an official Amazon book image for each book here, instead of losing one in a sidebar somewhere. Okay, I'm a constant tweaker and I need a platform that will keep me happy. Most of the books I've found, I have only used as reference, but I would like to mention "Digging into Wordpress" by Chris Coyier & Jeff Starr. The book does recommend some knowledge of HTML and CSS, but if you are not afraid of figuring it out as you go, it's a great book for neophyte web designers, and I'm as neo as they come.

Amazon is an affiliate.

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